How to Add Testimonials to Your Shopify Store

Adding testimonials to your Shopify store is a great way to showcase your happy customers. And by adding video testimonials, you are increasing the trustworthiness of your brand even further.
Martine Hammar
April 13, 2023

StoryPrompt allows you to automatically create video testimonials and other forms of user-generated content. Producing authentic and trustworthy videos from your happiest customers has never been easier. 

Embedding prompts onto your website is a great way to showcase the reviews of your happiest customers. And now, using StoryPrompt you take that even further and create your own Wall of Love

A Wall of Love means that you can embed video testimonials, written testimonials, and feedback from social media onto a branded wall on your website. All in about 3 minutes. 

Before I show you how StoryPrompt can help you add video reviews to your Shopify page, let’s take a step back and learn more about how Shopify works. 

What is Shopify?

Style Factory defines Shopify as an easy-to-use application that lets you create your own online store. With minimal effort and technical expertise, you can very easily create an online store and sell your products.

Why testimonials are important for a Shopify site

Testimonials can provide social proof that your products or services are worth purchasing. Potential customers are more likely to trust the opinions of people just like them over company representatives. 

Having testimonials on your Shopify site can help build trust with potential customers and encourage them to buy.

How businesses can use testimonials to increase conversions

Testimonials can be strategically placed throughout a Shopify site to increase conversions. For example, adding testimonials on a product page can highlight the benefits of a specific product. 

Testimonials can also be featured on the homepage or in a specific section of the site to showcase the experiences of their happy customers. This will therefore help potential customers overcome hesitations when making a purchasing decision. 

Can I add reviews into my Shopify store?

Shopify encourage you to add reviews onto your Shopify page to encourage more sales. They have their own app – Product Reviews but this is text only. Huh? You’re buying a product, but you can’t even add a photo or a video onto your review?  

If you want something more premium, you’ll need to look at one of the apps that integrate with Shopify. But I’m still not entirely sure if any of them actually encourage video reviews. And if a video review app is in fact available, I couldn't find it.

Adding trustworthy video reviews to your Shopify page

If you’ve already begun capturing video testimonials through StoryPrompt, you can easily embed a Wall of Love onto your Shopify page. And this wall can showcase real customers who have bought your product.

So how do you begin…?

Creating a Wall of Love in StoryPrompt

To create your Wall of Love, choose from one of our layouts – masonry, carousel or feed. Add in your branding, color-scheme, and collaborators. You can then begin adding some love to your wall. This can come in the form of video testimonials, uploaded videos, Tweets, direct messages, Instagram posts, Google Reviews…basically from anywhere!

Embedding your Wall of Love onto your Shopify store

Once your Wall of Love has been created, you can embed it by going to Share or Publish and Publish to your website

If you select Publish to your website, you will be able to copy the embed code. Select Copy script and then open your Shopify store onto a suitable page.

In this example, I have added a specific page for my reviews but you can add your testimonials in a space of your choice. Select the <> icon to paste the HTML code into the box as below and Save.

You will then see your video testimonials embedded onto your Shopify page and your customers will be able to press the play button on any video and watch the review.


Embedding video testimonials on your Shopify page can be an effective way to build trust with potential customers and increase sales. 

Video testimonials provide a significantly more engaging and effective way to showcase customer experiences and highlight the benefits of your products or services. They also provide a human touch to your Shopify site, which can help potential customers feel more connected to your brand. 

By featuring “real humans” sharing their experiences, you provide social proof that your products or services are high quality and worth them spending their money on. 

Overall, embedding video testimonials on your Shopify page is a powerful tool to increase trust, credibility, and sales for your online business. 

And StoryPrompt can make that process incredibly simple and effective.

Martine Hammar

Customer Success Manager at StoryPrompt

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