Give people more face time without  the live calls

StoryPrompt makes face-to-face work better

Exchange interactive video messages with customers, your team, and your community without your busy schedule getting in the way.

An essential tool for



StoryPrompt helps you capture stories from your community to create highly-shareable video testimonials, reviews, and other user-generated content.
Asynchronous VIDEO

Collect video responses while you sleep

Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and calendar clashes. StoryPrompt respondents can reply from any device, whenever they want — even while you're sleeping.

No meetings needed

StoryPrompt works asynchronously wherever your respondents are.

No apps to download

Simply share a link to receive videos from any device. No logins needed.

Fully transcribed

All videos are automatically transcribed and captioned. No limits.

Get branded testimonials with zero effort

StoryPrompt makes collecting video testimonials from your customers and employees a breeze. We automatically apply your branding for you, so all that's left to do is share on social or embed on your website.
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"Producing decent testimonial videos can be time-consuming and expensive. But with StoryPrompt, it's a breeze!"
Park Howell
Storytelling Coach & Keynote Speaker

Take away the fear of being on camera

The less intimidating the experience, the more engaged they'll be. Multiple steps, teleprompters, script outlines, audio-only replies, and unlimited retakes make recording video effortless.


Provide guidance for respondents with prompts. Make responding easy with a built-in teleprompter.

Multi-step prompts

Break up questions into multiple steps to create a choose-your-own adventure experience.

Audio-only replies

For those who still suffer from camera shyness, give them the option to submit audio-only responses.

Background effects

Record videos with background blur or virtual backgrounds.

Video editing made simple

StoryPrompt automatically applies your branding, logo, titles, music, and more to videos you receive. Or, produce mixes yourself using our interactive timeline and video editing tools.

Trim clips

Cut out awkward silences or shorten videos to include the best bits.

Add music & b-roll

Choose a music style and vibe. Embed b-roll for a more engaging production.

Change aspect ratios

Produce videos in square, landscape, or portrait. Beautiful on any platform.

Embed videos anywhere in 1-click

Copy and paste HTML code to embed videos on your website. No hosting needed. Or, include them in marketing campaigns to build trust and accelerate sales.

Ad-free hosting

Host  videos you create or receive on your website. No developer required.

Downloadable files

All videos you create, collect, or produce can be downloaded.

Wall of Love

Turn the good feedback you've received into a powerful sales tool.

All the tools you need to get personal with video

More than a video collection tool

Everything you need to build a highly-engaged community around your brand.


Organize thread-based video discussions around specific topics.

Direct Messages (DMs)

Have private asynchronous video conversations with other members.


Engage with members by asking for their perspectives on various topics.

Rich Posts

Enrich your video posts with embedded links, interactive buttons, mentions, polls, and pins.


Add moderators, control access & remove unwanted content to keep your members safe.

Testimonials & UGC

Collect user-generated video content from your community and 2x the success of your marketing campaigns.

Intake Forms

Create interactive video intake forms to collect leads or onboard members. Embed on your site or share a link.

Video Production

Pick an AI producer to collate and edit videos you get from clients – ready for your next marketing campaign.


Charge for access to exclusive Spaces. Ideal for gated content, premium masterminds, and more.

Loved by brands, adored by customers

StoryPrompt helps brands deliver a more connected experience using video.


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