We are StoryPrompt

More than just a software company, we’re on a mission to help you serve more people face-to-face without letting your busy schedule get in the way.

We’re building trust at scale

StoryPrompt was founded on the belief that, in the digital age, the best way to serve more people at scale, whilst maintaining the close relationships they've come to expect, is through video.

StoryPrompt is a next-gen community engagement platform that empowers you to strengthen relationships with your clients, customers, and fans through asynchronous face-to-face video conversations.
Our tools help you get closer to the people you serve by making it easy to communicate, collect, and share the stories that not only earn their trust, but that turn them into brand advocates.

At its core, StoryPrompt = trust scaled.

Stop selling your services & start selling trust

Why now?

If there's one stat that every coach and consultant should pay attention to, it's this...
81% of coaches and consultants go out of business in 3 years or less.
Most of them struggle to generate enough recurring revenue to support themselves. And sadly, they return to their previous lives and get a job.

The ones who do gain traction get a bunch of clients, work really hard, and eventually run out of steam.


Because trading time for clients is not sustainable in the long-term. The more clients you get, the less time you have.

At StoryPrompt, we're fixing that.

We help you serve more clients and give them the attention they deserve without letting your busy schedule getting in the way.

Our next-gen community platform empowers you to communicate face-to-face with your clients through async video conversations, either in groups or 1-on-1.

Instead of charging per hour, StoryPrompt helps you serve 5x the clients and earn subscription revenue for exclusive access to your community

Then, we collect video testimonials from your happiest clients and turn them into billboards for your brand to bring you even more business.

We built StoryPrompt to help you scale your business without losing the human connection your clients have come to expect.

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CEO, StoryPrompt

Made with 💛

At StoryPrompt, our values influence every decision we make.  Whether we’re thinking about a new product feature or interacting with customers, our values hold us accountable to be the very best company we can be.


We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.


We empower businesses to capture the stories that help them grow while being respectful of people's time.


We stay true to ourselves and seek diverse perspectives. We are unpretentious and honest.


What you see is what you get. No polish needed. We say it like it is because raw is real.


We take pride in learning from our mistakes and openly sharing our failures and successes to help others.

H. E. A. R. T.

Meet the team

Gavin Hammar

Founder & CEO
Founder & former CEO @Sendible (acquired in 2021). Now building StoryPrompt to help small businesses connect face-to-face with the communities they serve at scale.

Martine Hammar

Chief Storyteller
Former Brand Advocacy Coordinator at Sendible (acquired in 2021). Now empowering businesses to build their brands through authentic storytelling.

Our story so far...

Gavin launched Sendible

Gavin founded Sendible, a social media management tool for agencies, and launched it to the world.
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Sendible took off

Sendible quickly attracted thousands of users and Gavin quit his job to work on Sendible full time.
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Sendible was rated in top 20 tools for marketers

Sendible was not only recognized as a leading social media management platform, but it was also voted in the top 20 best products for marketers.
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Sendible was acquired

After 12 years in business, Sendible was acquired by Traject – a suite of innovative digital marketing tools.
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Storyprompt was born

Gavin noticed that people had stopped paying attention to his ads and cold calls. Yet, they were drawn to authentic stories – particularly on video.

So, he built StoryPrompt to help businesses get closer to the communities they serve through the power of video.

What's your story?

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