How to Build a Successful Coaching Business with Asynchronous Video: A 5-Step Guide

Unlock the secrets to building a thriving coaching business with our 5-step guide to asynchronous video coaching. Build success at your own pace and connect with clients effortlessly.
Alexandra Ceambur
September 20, 2023

Are you a coach looking to scale your business? Why not consider using asynchronous video — a versatile tool that offers greater flexibility and allows you to connect with clients all over the world? In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps of building a successful coaching business asynchronous video tools. So get ready to unlock your full potential and grow your coaching business!

Step 1: Understanding Asynchronous Video in the Coaching Business

What is Asynchronous Video Coaching?

Asynchronous video coaching is when a coach uses pre-recorded videos in their coaching program. These videos are available for clients to view, replay, and access at any time, offering you and your clients greater flexibility and convenience. Additionally, video coaching can connect you with clients from anywhere in the world, regardless of their location. With just a few clicks, anyone can access your coaching program instantly.

Are there any benefits of asynchronous video for a coaching business?

Glad you asked! Coaching businesses that have started implementing this asynchronous video in their programs have seen improvement in several areas of their business, including:

#1: Greater Flexibility for Clients and Coaches: Clients can access coaching content at their own convenience, and work around their busy schedules. For coaches, this means they can manage their schedule more effectively, addressing multiple clients at once, and keeping clients happy!

#2: Global Reach: Coaches can connect with clients around the world, regardless of time zone, and expand their global reach and impac

#3: Scalability: Asynchronous coaching can be scaled more easily, as a coach or mentor can create and share the same content with multiple people simultaneously.

#4: Less Communication Barriers: Asynchronous coaching is especially beneficial for people who struggle to speak in front of a large audience. Written or recorded messages allow them to share their thoughts and feel included in a coaching prog

#5: Fewer Tech Issues: In real-time communication, interruptions are common due to technical glitches, background noise, or unexpected events. Asynchronous video eliminates interruptions, creating a more seamless coaching experience that your students can enjoy.

*PS: If you are looking to learn more about the benefits of asynchronous video for business, check out this post. 

Are there any situations when asynchronous video coaching shouldn’t be used?

As good as it sounds, asynchronous video isn’t suitable for all coaching situations. For instance, it can’t replace in-person consultations and situations that may require immediate feedback and real-time interaction between a coach and a client. Overall, asynchronous video is a great tool for coaching but its success relies on quality content and coach-client engagement. 

Step 2: Choosing the Right Video Platform for Your Coaching Business

The right video tool can make all the difference in your client’s experience. But with technology advancing fast, and new apps popping up every day, how do you choose the right video platform for your coaching business?

Here’s what to look for in a coaching video platform

Asynchronous video tools are designed to empower coaches and clients to communicate and engage effectively. When choosing the perfect tool for your coaching business, consider these key features:

  1. Video recording & editing capabilities
  2. User-friendly interface: An intuitive interface simplifies interaction.
  3. Multiple device compatibility: Compatibility with desktop & mobile devices is essential.
  4. Analytics tracking: Opt for tools that offer analytics and data tracking.
  5. Feedback & reviews: Look for options that allow you to collect feedback and reviews.
  6. Integration potential: Consider tools that can integrate with other applications.
  7. Customer support: Reliable customer support is crucial for a smooth experience

Don’t know where to start? Explore these popular asynchronous video platforms for coaches:

  • Swarm: Specifically designed for coaches and educators, Swarm enables interactive video lessons by prompting viewers to respond at certain points in the video. This helps you encourage active participation and deep learning.
  • Loom: Loom offers easy-to-use video recording and editing features.
  • formerly known as Lift, is a platform that offers asynchronous coaching with progress tracking.

Tip: When choosing your asynchronous video tool, remember that the right fit will align with your coaching style, client preferences, and technical requirements. Sometimes, you have to try a few tools before you find your best fit.

Swarm: Asynchronous video-centric coaching platform

Step 3: Creating Engaging Video Content for Clients

The success of your coaching business relies on the value you provide to your clients. When creating asynchronous videos, focus on delivering content that is informative and engaging. 

Here are some tips for making your videos more engagi

  1. Value is key: Consider what your clients are looking for, such as advice, solutions, or planning, and package it in a concise coaching format. Each piece of content should leave your clients feeling like they've struck gold.
  1. Add a personal touch: Use real-life examples to illustrate your points. Storytelling keeps your audience captivated, so don't shy away from injecting your personality into the videos. This personal touch will foster a stronger connection with your clients.
  1. Diversify your content: By mixing up your content (tutorial, case study, Q&A, Quiz, etc.), you're able to cater to different people and their content needs. Consider adding voiceovers, subtitles, and translations if needed.
  1. Video quality: Make sure your video lighting is good (natural light works wonders), and check that your sound is crystal clear. You can use a video background noise remover to clean-up your recordings.
  1. Provide the best experience: Try to stay professional and create an experience that feels polished, even if you're filming from your living room corner.

Overall, the success of remote coaching relies on top-quality content that is relevant for users and the engagement between coach and student. 

Step 4: Establish Channels for Feedback & Testimonials

To build up long-term client-coach relationships you can encourage feedback and questions from your clients, and set up regular Q&A sessions to clear out doubts. This interaction adds a personal touch to the coaching experience and ensures that your clients are getting the most out of your content. 

Step 5: Market Your Asynchronous Video Coaching Services

Building a successful coaching business requires effective marketing. Here are some tips for promoting your coaching services:

  • Create a professional website for your services
  • Publish informative blog posts - Publish tips, tutorials & how to’s to show your expertise as a coach
  • Publish video testimonials on your website - Ask your clients to record a short video testimonial using StoryPrompt
  • Write guest articles on other websites - This will help you become a thought leader
  • Leverage social media ads - Facebook or Google ads can significantly boost your reach
  • Webinars - Engage with potential clients through free webinars
  • Offer free resources (eg: PDF, newsletter) related to your coaching niche

Bonus Tip: How to Price Your Coaching Services

As a new coach, you may struggle to decide on how to price your online courses and coaching sessions. This is because the coaching industry is highly diversified and there isn’t a clear guideline for how much to charge. 

  1. Research the market to understand the average rates (hourly/per course) for similar coaching offerings. 
  2. Consider factors such as your experience, niche expertise, the value you provide, and the demand for your services. 
  3. Start with a competitive but reasonable price point, and as you gain testimonials and positive feedback, gradually adjust your pricing to reflect your growing reputation. 
  4. Offering different pricing tiers or packages can also cater to a broader audience.

If you’re ready to learn more about pricing methods for coaches check out this guide. 

Start Your Asynchronous Coaching Journey Today!

The world of online coaching is growing rapidly, and asynchronous video is at the forefront of this transformation. I hope you will follow these steps to build a successful coaching business. Deliver value, engage, and adapt—your journey to coaching success begins today!

Alexandra Ceambur

Alle Ceambur is an experienced SEO content writer with a background in marketing and an MBA in global business from Coventry University (UK). Her articles on SaaS, technology and marketing aim to inspire small business owners and help them achieve tangible results quickly. Alle's work was featured in the Top 100 social media blogs, and you can get connected with her on Twitter at @SocialAlle.

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