The 13 Best Video Testimonial Software Tools for 2024

When it comes to video testimonials, there are some excellent tools out there to help your customers share authentic stories. We've put together a list of the best ones for your budget, so you can crush 2024 with confidence.
Martine Hammar
April 5, 2024

If we learnt anything in 2023, it's that your prospects are no longer interested in what you have to say about your company. They only care about the opinions of people exactly like them.

As a business owner or marketer, where do you begin? You get prospects to trust the people who trust you – your happiest customers! 

If your customers like you, they’ll be happy to recommend you to their community.

And how do you get your customers in front of your prospects? Video testimonials of course!

Why are video testimonials so powerful?

Videos boost conversions by 80% and the reason is simple: it’s because they are real and authentic. 

Your prospects deserve the best. They will value the videos of your happiest customers because they are genuine, unpolished, and most importantly trustworthy.

Would you believe that 33% of marketers don’t use video for marketing as they lack time? Hard to imagine given the stats above.

The irony is they know they need to invest in video, but because videos are notoriously time-consuming and expensive to produce, they focus their efforts elsewhere.

The time has come to cease hiring expensive video production teams to follow your happy customers around. It’s time to stop sending them boring surveys that seldom result in a testimonial. You need to focus on simplifying the process and getting happy customers in front of the camera. 

As customer-centric business owners, there are some great video testimonial tools available to make your lives easier. I’ve compiled a list of the best platforms that can help simplify the video production process, save money, and drive sales.

But where do you begin? The first questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • What type of business do I have? And what type of plan would I need? 
  • How important is video to my business? Essential or a nice-to-have?
  • What’s my budget?

Once you’ve answered those questions, see below for comparisons of the best testimonial platforms to suit your needs and budget. 

Which is the best testimonial tool?

1. Best Overall Video Testimonial Platform - StoryPrompt

StoryPrompt makes the process of creating, sending, and replying to video prompts incredibly easy. Professional looking videos are automatically produced within minutes. Thanks to the inclusion of automatic video production in StoryPrompt, very little tech-savviness is required. This would appeal to a variety of business owners and busy in-house marketers. 

StoryPrompt makes it incredibly simple to create and produce video testimonials from your clients, and embed authentic video-based reviews on your website or beautifully designed Wall of Love.


  • Customizable templates - very useful for inspiration and to help you get started.
  • Ability to embed testimonials on your website or Wall of Love.
  • Ability to view automatically summarized transcriptions of your videos and audio clips.
  • Utilizing AI to automatically produce testimonials without filler words and silences.
  • Videos can be downloaded.
  • Zapier integration.
  • White label links.
  • Adding CTA’s into your prompt to make it an interactive video – this reduces the need to send follow-up meeting invites for example.
  • Ability to add an automatically generated script onto your prompt and/or reply.
  • Video and text prompts and replies.


  • No built-in rewards system.

Plans and Pricing

StoryPrompt has three plans currently available, all prices shown are based on a yearly payment and include 2 months free.

  1. The Free Plan – 15 video responses, 2 minutes per video time limit, 14-day history, 1 Wall of Love with 5 testimonials, unlimited prompts. All videos will have a StoryPrompt watermark.
  2. The Starter Plan – $39/mo, 100 responses per month, 3 minutes per video time limit, unlimited response history, 1 Wall of Love with 10 testimonials, unlimited prompts, downloadable videos, embed code, AI summaries and titles, all videos display your own branding.
  3. The Premium Plan – $169/mo, 400 responses per month, unlimited minutes per video, unlimited Walls of Love, link white labeling, custom fields, filler word removal, workflows, concierge onboarding, dedicated coach and priority support.


StoryPrompt is the only one of these tools that utilizes video to this extent. They are known to be a “video-centric” platform which is the opposite of most of the products listed in this article. They believe that video is more authentic, more trustworthy, and they aren’t afraid to support their beliefs, and shout it from the rooftops. 

With StoryPrompt, you can also save time by automatically generating scripts, removing silences and filler words, and producing your branded videos effortlessly using AI. There really is no need for time-consuming and expensive video editing.

Seems like a win-win for everyone involved!

Sign up to start collecting video testimonials with StoryPrompt for free.

The Best Budget Testimonial Platforms for Small Businesses

These platforms range from $19/mo - $39/mo.

Ideal for Entrepreneurs: Famewall

Great for Online Reviews: Trustmary

Good for Simple Feedback: VideoAsk

The Best Mid-Range Testimonial Platforms for Businesses

These platforms range from $50/mo - $119/mo.

A Fully Automated Video Testimonial Solution: Trust

Ideal for Tech Founders: Testimonial

Great for Testimonial Widgets: Endorsal

Automatic Video Editing: Vocal Video

Text-Heavy and Expensive: Boast

The Best Enterprise Testimonial Platforms for Larger Businesses 

These platforms range from $119/mo - “Contact us pricing”. 

Ideal for Events: ShoutOut

Great for Video Editing: Vidmonials

Good for eCommerce: Video Peel

Enterprise-focused: Vouch

2. Famewall

Ideal for Entrepreneurs

Famewall is an all-in-one testimonial platform that helps businesses collect testimonials from customers and share them in multiple ways to convert more customers. It allows you to create a wall and embed testimonials on your website very easily. 

The way it works is that you create a testimonial collection page and testimonials can be recorded using video or text (unless you have disabled them). These are then added to your Wall of Fame which can be embedded on your website. 

Famewall is best suited for entrepreneurs, creators, startups and small businesses.


  • Text & Video testimonials.
  • Integrations with social media & review platforms.
  • Multiple testimonial collection pages.
  • No-code options.
  • Unlimited widget varieties.
  • Custom Domains for Wall of Love & Brand Pages.
  • Support for multiple team members.
  • Simple to set up and get started creating a wall.
  • Can add your native language onto buttons and fields.
  • SEO optimization support when setting up a collection page.
  • Zapier integration and Webhooks are included in the Standard plan which is pretty generous.


  • You have to upgrade to a paid plan in order to record an introductory and thank you video.
  • No CRM Integrations.
  • No Net Promoter Surveys.

Plans and Pricing

Famewall has four plans currently available, all prices shown are based on a yearly payment and include 20% off.

  1. The Free Plan – 10 testimonials, 1 Wall of Fame, 1 testimonial collection page, 1 brand page, 1 team member, 1 video testimonial, unlimited widgets, 3rd party reviews.
  2. The Standard Plan – $9.99/mo, unlimited testimonials, 4 Walls of Fame, 4 collection pages, 4 brand pages, 6 video testimonials, 2 minutes recording limit, HD video downloads, 4 custom domains, Zapier integration, custom branding. 
  3. The Professional Plan – $24.99/mo, 15 Walls of Fame, 15 collection pages, 15 brand pages, 3 team members, unlimited video testimonials, 3 minutes recording limit, 10 custom domains, dedicated support.
  4. The Business Plan – $79.99/mo, unlimited Walls of Fame, unlimited testimonial collection pages, unlimited brand pages, 10 team members, unlimited video testimonials, 5 minutes recording limit, unlimited custom domains.


Famewall was very simple to use but it really is centered around creating a wall, but in order to create a wall that brings value to your brand, you need to spend. 

It is definitely one of the more affordable testimonial software tools to collect text, video and social media testimonials. Even with the cheaper plan, you get access to a variety of testimonial widgets that can be added to your website.

However a business really will need to spend between $24.99 and $79.99 a month to see value on a larger scale. 

All in all Famewall is a great product with clear UX. The founder, Goutham is very hands on and offers great support.

3. Trustmary

Great for Online Reviews

Trustmary is a platform which streamlines the process of collecting testimonials and displaying your reviews from sites like Google, G2, Yelp, Tripadvisor and Capterra. You an easily automate the process of gathering video testimonials through customizable forms and showcase these on your website.

My first impression of Trustmary was that there was a lot of text and information. Their main focus is on creating a "wall of love" for your testimonials that you captured on other sites. Even if you wanted to create a video testimonial, you would be sending a customer a form and they would have to click on the link to record their own video testimonial.


  • Integrates with most good review sites.
  • Great layout options for testimonials.
  • Testimonials to help you get started.
  • Easily customizable forms.
  • Easy-to-use and customize review widgets.


  • Difficult to navigate. It was a bit of a challenge to explore and figure out how to request a testimonial.

Plans and pricing

With Trustmary, you can choose your subscription based on how many testimonials you want to Collect, and how many views you need to Display them on your website. Thus, the plans are divided into Collect and Display cohorts, and you can mix and match the plans to fit your needs. All prices shown are based on a yearly payment and include 16% off.

  1. The Solo Plan  – Free plan with access to test all features. Includes 200 monthly views, 1 review source connected to the platform, 10 email review requests a month, and 20 responses.
  2. The Display Starter Plan – $16/mo, 5000 monthly reviews, up to 3 review sources connected to the platform, automatic review syncing.
  3. The Collect Starter Plan – $24/mo, 50 monthly email requests, unlimited responses, access to automation and Zapier integrations.
  4. The Display Business Plan – $49/mo, 25000 monthly views, up to 10 review sources connected to the platform, remove Trustmary branding.
  5. The Collect Business Plan – $65/mo, 500 monthly email requests, remove Trustmary branding, CRM integration.
  6. The Display Scale Plan – $107/mo, 100,000 monthly views, up to 25 review sources connected to the platform, priority support, dedicated account manager.
  7. The Collect Scale Plan – $132/mo, 5000 monthly email requests, priority support, full access to all Collect features.
  8. Various Fullsuite plans that include all features with adequate limits, onboarding help, and your dedicated account manager.


I think Trustmary is a great tool for integrating with review sites and displaying testimonials on your website. However as a platform for creating video testimonials, it's likely to be the most expensive one on the market. Creating your own testimonials from scratch just doesn't seem feasible on this platform and it definitely feels like an after-thought and definitely not the main incentive for the large price tag.

4. VideoAsk

Good for Simple Feedback

VideoAsk is very clear, intuitive, and has great UX. It does what it says on the tin without all the fluff. I loved the onboarding process which utilizes video to figure out your requirements. VideoAsk also has helpful templates that you can use and edit yourself.

As can be expected from the makers of Typeform, VideoAsk is focused on the form experience. Respondents are able to respond to your videoask in many different ways including Open Ended (video, audio or text), multiple choice CTAS, or by making a payment using Stripe.


  • Easy to understand and a pleasant onboarding experience.
  • Great easy-to-use templates.
  • Ability to add users even on the free plan.
  • Adding multiple choice options onto your videoask.
  • A great visual planner for your videoask, it’s very simple to see your flow and make edits.
  • Automatically transcription of video testimonials.


  • Very heavily branded with VideoAsk. You have to upgrade to their top tier to remove the branding.
  • Very basic editing features.

‍Plans and pricing

VideoAsk has three plans and all plans have Zapier integration, all prices shown are based on a yearly payment and include 20% off:

  1. Start Plan – This is their free plan, you are restricted by 20 minutes of video or audio processing per month. All videos will have VideoAsk branding and you can add up to 3 users. 
  2. Grow Plan – $24/mo, you receive 1200 minutes of video or audio processing per month. Videos will have partial VideoAsk branding. You can add up to 5 users.
  3. Brand Plan – $40/month, you receive 2400 minutes of video or audio processing per month. Videos will have your own branding, this plan allows you to add domain white labeling and up to 10 users.


While VideoAsk is a contender to StoryPrompt, I feel the biggest disadvantage is the lack of AI and branding capabilities like StoryPrompt. While the editing capabilities are good, they are limited and might still require external editing. 

But what VideoAsk does, they do well!

5. Trust

A Fully Automated Video Testimonial Solution

Trust is an extensive video testimonial and review platform that helps businesses of all sizes collect video testimonials and display them through various attractive formats. Its built-in video editor, Video Studio, lets you polish testimonials in minutes. 

The best part? Trust is an end-to-end automated testimonial solution, so you can save plenty of time, effort, and money by running your testimonial campaigns on auto-pilot. Trust lets you collect testimonials using a clear and customizable form and has a simple user interface. You can run email campaigns by auto-populating customer contacts and scheduling personalized requests. 

My first impression of Trust is how easy it is to adapt to the tool and its zero learning curve. The flow between testimonial requesting, editing, importing, and publishing is seamless. 


  • A very intuitive dashboard with smooth navigation.
  • Customizable testimonial request forms to make feedback collection more personal.
  • Ready-made templates to embed testimonials on your website as an attractive Wall of Love.
  • A no-code solution.
  • Multiple pre-made templates to display testimonials as widgets, pop-up forms, rich snippets, and badges.
  • Video transcription and subtitles addition.
  • AI-help to generate text testimonials with mere keywords.
  • Video Studio with advanced editing options.
  • Talking Avatar feature to turn text testimonials into AI-generated talking images.
  • Set up and run custom email campaigns to collect testimonials effortlessly.
  • Zapier integration. 


  • No video performance insights.
  • No free plan, only a 14-day free trial.

Plans and pricing 

Trust has three plans currently available, all prices shown are based on monthly payments. They have a 14-day credit-card-free trial period.

  1. The Solo Plan – $49/mo, 50 published text & video testimonials, 20 video editor minutes monthly, and removable widget branding.
  2. The Standard Plan – $99/mo, 200 published text & video testimonials, 100 video editor minutes monthly, removable widget branding, and 5 team members.
  3. The Pro Plan – $199/mo, 1000 published text & video testimonials, 500 video editor minutes monthly, 15 team members, removable widget branding, and video call support. 


Trust is one of the rare tools offering an all-access free trial and, therefore, is useful for any business owner or marketer looking to test the tool for compatibility. Also, the biggest advantage is its AI capability for testimonial generation. With Trust’s automation capabilities, it’s safe to say Trust is a one-stop solution for all things testimonials. However, video performance metrics and reporting could add another feather to its hat.  

Nevertheless, Trust has a clear UX and the simplest navigation compared to most of its expensive competitors. Plus, it makes collecting and submitting testimonials easy for both you and your customers or employees. The support team seem to be very hands-on and always ready to help. 

6. Testimonial

Ideal for Tech Founders

I must admit I was a bit confused about how you capture video testimonials from scratch using Testimonial. I hope this review will save you time trying to figure it out. 

The way it works is you create a space and then the testimonials come to you. You share your space link with customers and they either send you a video or a text testimonial. Testimonial recommend starting with editable questions which I think is a great feature and ensures your provide content that is valuable to you.

Testimonial pride themselves on the Wall of Love feature, which I must say they have definitely perfected. It's a great feature and the Curator add-on ensures that testimonials are collected anywhere from every 10 minutes to 24 hours. But you'll have to pay for that!


  • Translation to many languages.
  • Custom domains.
  • Great Wall of Love feature with embed code.
  • Receives video and text-based testimonials.
  • Curator feature allows you to collect testimonials as quickly as every 10 minutes.
  • Easily customizable collection forms for testimonials.
  • A dedicated landing page is created, great for businesses.


  • Difficult to get started and navigate.
  • Very slow Live Chat support. Support begins with a bot, who told me that a human would be online later (I’m in the UK so this is understandable) but then 24 hours later I still didn’t have a reply. 
  • Becomes very expensive to have more than 1 space, especially as a business grows.

Plans and Pricing

Testimonial offer a 7 day free trial, please note you have to add your credit card details upfront. All prices shown below are based on a yearly payment and include 2 months free. There are 4 plans available:

  1. The Starter Plan – Free, 1 space, 2 video testimonials, 10 text testimonials, limited 3rd party imports, public Testimonial page, Wall of Love with Testimonial logo.
  2. The Starter Plus Plan – $20/mo, 2 video testimonials, unlimited text testimonials, all 3rd part imports, custom domain, branding removed from widgets.
  3. The Premium Plan – $50/mo, between 2-10 spaces, unlimited video testimonials, 3 minutes video time limit, REST API, Webhook, Zapier integrations, 2 account level staff seat.
  4. The Ultimate Plan – $70/mo, unlimited spaces, 5 minutes per video time limit, 3 account level staff seats, video metrics, Hubspot integrations, dedicated account manager.

There are some add-ons to the plans. Metrics and Curator can be added to all plans when checking out. Metrics allow you to track viewer insights and is available for $60/mo. Curator automatically fetches reviews and testimonials from social media and 3rd party review sites. Prices differ according to how often they update – 24 hours $15/mo, 60 minutes $30/mo, 10 minutes $45/mo.


Testimonial was a great way to create a Wall of Love. But I'd say that's where it ends really. This is not necessarily a platform that you would use to create user-generated content beyond your Wall of Love. But if you want a good solution to display your testimonials then this is a great option.

I do however need to comment on the pricing. Let's say you're wanting a Premium account with both the Metrics and Curator add-ons (updating every 60 minutes), you would be spending a whopping $140/mo.

7. Endorsal

Great for Testimonial Widgets

I signed up to Endorsal quite enthusiastically as I had only recently discovered it. But that’s where my excitement ended. Oh boy is it confusing to use! 

As a believer in video, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to request a video testimonial. This feature is new so that might have been why. I just thought the UX was overly complicated, even though the features were there, I was too exhausted to find them.

After some research I figured out that Endorsal works in 3 steps: set up a form, send automated review requests and display your text and video testimonials anywhere. 


  • All plans include use of templates and widgets.
  • Can send automated requests for testimonials.
  • Plenty of integrations.
  • Great Wall of Love features that bring in reviews from third-party review sites.


  • Unnecessarily complicated.
  • Review requests without video and automated feels a bit unfriendly in my opinion.
  • No unlimited testimonial collection.
  • No multiple project options.

Plans and Pricing

Endorsal has two plans listed on their website, all prices shown are based on a yearly payment and include 3 months free. Please note these are billed annually and are variable depending on your number of customers and unique visitors. They also offer a free 14 day trial.

  1. The Starter Plan – $29/mo, 1 property (unique domain), up to 500 customers, up to 2500 monthly unique visitors, 10 video testimonials, 120 video minutes/month, SD video quality.
  2. The Professional Plan – $59/mo, 3 properties, 25 video testimonials, 180 videos minutes/month, HD video quality, Wall of Love, downloadable videos, custom domains, Endorsal branding removed.


I need to take a minute to review their pricing as I feel like I’ve been stung by a bee. They are completely erratic. Quite frankly, I would have completely exceeded my word count for this article if I had to try to list all the options. 

The price basically changed every time I blinked. If I have 500 customers, the Starter became $59/mo, 5000 customers would be $159/mo and I’d still have SD video quality and be unable to download my videos. All the bells and whistles would cost me a whopping $262 a month and I still wouldn’t have my own branding on my testimonials and Wall of Love.

The thought of trying to budget, especially for a growing company, fills me with dread and gave me a headache. 

8. Vocal Video

Automatic Video Editing

Vocal Video was pretty simple to use. I feel like their UX has improved recently as I recall it being a lot more complicated in the past than it is now. I was able to set up a test prompt, allow users to reply with video and audio and request their contact details

Vocal Video utilizes Turnkey Editing and Branding (similar to StoryPrompt above) which enables you to add your own branding, music, trim a video and create a transcript. They also offer simple video-to-audio conversion which is an awesome feature.

Text-based questions are sent to customers and they have the option to respond via video or audio. You can add a video to the welcome page but not ask a question using video. I feel they are missing a trick here because as StoryPrompt have proven, replies are more authentic when the user is responding to a friendly human.


  • Useful templates.
  • Ability to respond in audio, not restricted to video only.
  • Upgraded plans allow 3 or 5 users per plan.
  • Great editing features.
  • Ad-free hosting.
  • Versatile embeds.


  • No video questioning, just text-based.
  • Can't collect text responses.
  • Limited analytics in low-tier plans.
  • Limited external review site integration.

‍Plans and pricing

Vocal Video currently has four plans, all prices shown are paid yearly.

  1. The Free Plan – 5 videos of 720p, 20 minutes of video processing, 1 video collector and 1 brand.  
  2. The Plus Plan – $39/mo, 3 videos per month, more than 1 video editor, 3 video collectors and 1 brand, no watermarks on videos, Zapier integration and unlimited downloads
  3. The Pro Plan – $119/mo, 6 videos per month, more than 1 video editor, 10 video collectors and multiple brand, white labeled video collection, API integration.
  4. The Custom Plan – Starting at $1000/mo, unlimited videos per month, custom video processing limits and user limits, multiple brands and workspaces, SSO, analytics.


There was just too much going on. While Vocal Video has a free plan, if you create more than 1 video, they become very expensive. The jump to the next paid plan is also enormous. Their custom plan is a little ludicrous in my opinion. $1000 for SSO and custom fonts (with unlimited video publishing and white labeling on the lower plan already) seems a tad over-the-top to me. 

9. Boast

Text-Heavy and Expensive

After signing up for a 14 day free trial, I felt immediately bombarded with text and instructions to help me get started. However, there was a quick and helpful onboarding video on the dashboard.

To get started with Boast, you need to create a form from a pre-built template or a blank form. Your customized form can then be shared or embedded on your website. The recipient can respond via video or upload a video file.

The sequences feature is very handy and you can create an email sequence to ensure surveys are completed. Boast also works with NPS and customizable widgets. All plans except Solo have Zapier integration. Boast offers a free trial for 14 days and you don’t need to add your credit card details upfront. 


  • Handy and helpful templates.
  • Useful email sequence ability to push for reviews.
  • Great use of widgets to showcase your video testimonials.
  • Time-saving testimonial automation.


  • No free plan, lowest plan starts at $50/mo.
  • Very text-heavy forms that are slightly outdated.
  • Can't import and showcase testimonials from third-party review sites.
  • Limited customization.

Plans and pricing

Boast has three plans currently available, all prices shown are based on a yearly payment and include 2 months free:

  1. The Basic Plan – $50/mo can collect 600 responses per year at quality of 720p HD, you have access to 5 forms with only 1 video field per form. 
  2. The Team  Plan – $100/mo you can collect 1800 responses a year at a quality of 1080p HD, you have access to 20 forms and 5 video fields per form.
  3. The Premium Plan – $208/mo this is for large businesses and agencies and would yield 6000 responses per year, 50 forms and 10 video fields per form.


Boast is one of the more expensive video testimonial tools and I think the reason for this is because they don’t have a free plan. I believe they might be missing an opportunity because all their competitors listed here offer a free plan and only Boast has a time-limited free trial. It might take more than 14 days to see results too. Also I think their Basic Plan is incredibly pricey considering the videos are only 720p quality and you're only given 1 video field.

10. ShoutOut

Ideal for Event Testimonials

"It’s like Canva and Survey Monkey had a baby” – now that's a good looking baby!

ShoutOut is an automated video creation platform that really simplifies the process of gathering testimonials, social, and event videos. With easy-to-use features, you have complete control over the visual aspects, ensuring fully brand-compliant views. Users can customize one of ShoutOut's branding templates or build one from scratch. Invitations for testimonials are then sent out which then become professionally branded videos. The platform caters to Customer Advocacy, Customer Marketing, and Event Marketing.

I have to commend ShoutOut for catering for two areas of the market. While their main platform is definitely enterprise, they offer a simpler and therefore cheaper solution called ShoutOut Lite which has different pricing as listed below.


  • Fully brand-compliant videos, upload your own videos, music, fonts, and design elements or choose from our library.  Create your intro, outro and video branding using the simple drag and drop interface.
  • Videos created automatically in a few seconds to download, share natively or schedule on social media. You can also add to a playlist and embed on your website or app.
  • AI sentiment analysis and social post writer.
  • AI compilation video creator with B roll.
  • Flexible data collection, request photos, logos, videos, text, drop down, text boxes etc.
  • Create Q&A videos, audiograms, animated text videos, photo slideshows automatically.
  • Automatic subtitle creation with customisable colour, position and fonts.
  • Text based multi-trim editing tool to remove mistakes or edit your videos quickly and easy using the video transcript.
  • Open API and Zapier integration for advocacy platforms, CRM, marketing automation and event tech.
  • Customise one of our video branding templates or create a template from scratch.
  • Video and text based instructions can be used for requesting testimonials.
  • Enterprise package include agency services such as onboarding and monthly strategy calls.
  • Agency mode for managing multiple accounts.


  • One of the pricier video testimonial platforms however, for customers that want a cheaper alternative with fewer features they ShoutOut Lite.
  • Have to enter credit card details to start a trial :(

Plans and pricing


ShoutOut has three plans currently available, all prices shown are based on a yearly payment and include 2 months free:

  1. The Startup Plan – $1400/yr, 4 hours video creation/month, 10 projects, 2 account admins, 50GB storage limit, 10 child accounts, unlimited video contributors, customizable templates.
  2. The Scale Up Plan – $6800/yr, 20 hours video creation/month, 100 projects, 20 account admins, 500GB storage limit, 50 child and 5 sub accounts, webhooks and API access.
  3. The Enterprise Plan – $13600/year, 50 hours video creation/month, 200 projects, 50 account admins, 1.5TB storage, 100 child and 15 sub accounts, white label and CNAME, dedicated account manager.
ShoutOut Lite

ShoutOut Lite has three plans currently available, all prices shown are based on a monthly payment:

  1. The Crawl Plan – $12/mo, 20 minutes video creation/month, 1 account admin, 2 active projects, 5GB storage.
  2. The Walk Plan – $25/mo, 30 minutes video creation/month, 2 account admins, 3 active projects, 7GB storage.
  3. The Run Plan – $35/mo, 1 hour video creation/month, 3 account admins, 5 active projects, 12GB storage.


ShoutOut is definitely one of the more expensive platforms, but they include an agency service which therefore seems like good value. I really like the fact that they are catering for marketers with different budgets. However the jump from ShoutOut Lite to ShoutOut feels a bit like David vs Goliath.

11. Vidmonials

Great for Video Editing

Vidmonials seemed very simple to use and exactly what I would expect from a video testimonial platform. I quickly discovered how to capture a video. I found it slightly confusing to create a video and share a link to receive a video testimonial. It's a similar process to StoryPrompt where you request a video testimonial using a video – great for the human-to-human exchange. 

However with Vidmonials, this process does become a little bit more complicated than that. After playing around with the software, I realized that you have to request a video testimonial from a customer using a text-heavy email. This saddened me!

Once the customer clicks on the link they will see the personalized video request that has been sent to them, but they have to click on the link to see it. I really think it should be a thumbnail in the actual email.


  • Videos go through an approval process.
  • All videos can be downloaded.
  • Embed code for uploading onto your website.
  • Can add star feedback to testimonial requests.
  • Store testimonials in a library.
  • Can send bulk review requests to your customers.
  • Enhance your videos with embeddable widgets.
  • Robust video editing.
  • Can submit a testimonial through QR code.


  • Hidden pricing - honestly hate this!

Plans and Pricing

Have to contact them to get their pricing.


I thought Vidmonials was a good platform however, the email request for a testimonial was a bit devastating to see. It's as if they were 75% the way of making Vidmonials a video-based platform but fell at the last hurdle. All in all, I think it's a good platform, however there are a few UX friction points and a very basic interface to justify what I can only imagine the costs are.

12. VideoPeel

Good for eCommerce

I tried to set up a free account to show you a screenshot of the dashboard and to give my views of VideoPeel but alas, I was met with something I hate more than being asked to contact for pricing – being asked for my credit card details just to start a trial! Ouch, really?? This is STILL a thing companies do?

Once I got over my grudge, I turned to YouTube and a nice guy called Jonny walked me through how to set up a campaign. Once again, requesting a testimonial through VideoPeel is a very text-heavy request. You add your information and branding to a long text-heavy page where respondents can reply via text or video, but they have to respond to each query in a single take. So be prepared.


  • Great use of templates.
  • Easy to reply via video.
  • Transcriptions and closed captions for all videos.
  • Can add tags and filters to videos.
  • Integrated well with ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Amazon.


  • Very text-heavy campaigns.
  • Very basic editing, no trimming, visual elements and background music available.
  • Couldn’t try out the platform without giving my credit card details - big no no from me.

Plans and Pricing

VideoPeel has four plans currently available, all prices shown are based on a yearly payment. They offer a 7 day trial.

  1. The Basic Plan – $4.99/mo, up to 30 videos/month, 1 campaign, 40+ templates
  2. The Pro Plan – $49/mo, unlimited videos, up to 5 campaigns, QR codes, tagging, Zapier integration, custom thumbnails.
  3. The Premium Plan – $249/mo unlimited campaigns, collect photos and documents, video requests, 5 custom URLS, custom thank you pages, video transcriptions.
  4. The Enterprise Plan – multi users, 10 custom URLS, bulk downloads, SSO, custom integrations, AI insights, video editing.


I was in two minds whether to put VideoPeel under Medium or Enterprise but I’m confident about my design that VideoPeel seems more suited to Enterprise. Their Basic plan is insanely cheap, not sure how they make any money. Then the jump to the Pro is huge and still pretty limited. For any business to successfully use VideoPeel they need to be spending in the region of $250/mo which definitely feels enterprise to me. 

VideoPeel had a very enterprise feel and that goes beyond the pricing. The fact that you have to add credit card details, there is little information on their website, and the text-heavy testimonial requests gave me a very cold and corporate feeling.

13. Vouch


Firstly I have to say I love the name Vouch and particularly loved the concept of your customers vouching for you. The onboarding tour was clear and very easy to follow. 

To get started you have to add a contact which I feel is an unnecessary step in the process. I really liked the fact that Vouch links to your calendar so a respondent can schedule a reminder to respond to the question.


  • Integrates with many 3rd parties including Slack, Zapier, Hubspot, Jira, Zendesk.
  • Recipients have the option to reply via video or screen.
  • Integrates with your calendar for handy reminders.
  • Great video editing features including trimming.
  • Great use of AI for recommending questions.
  • Screen recording available.
  • Create a library of all your videos.


  • Exorbitant pricing.

‍Plans and pricing

Vouch has two plans:

  1. Teams – $600/mo, all they say is full suite of video functionality and unlimited storage
  2. Enterprise – No price specified, powerful integrations and strategic support


Vouch has completely changed their pricing model to appear uber enterprise. I think this is a massive deterrent and would love to know their reason for doing this. 

Meanwhile Vouch is very simple to use. You can set up multiple questions and choose whether you want the user to respond with video or screen share. Like Vocal Video, the questions are text-based not video, which I believe is a shortfall.


There are some tools here that will be really easy-to-use and I think you will really find them valuable. However, I found most of them either have overly complicated UX or they are pushing me to upgrade.

In all honesty, good UX should afford me the opportunity to be left alone. If I can’t manage on my own it seems the problem is more yours than mine! 

I can’t finish off without mentioning that I think it’s a bit disappointing that some tools removed the human representing the company in the very first interaction. Instead of inviting your clients to provide a video testimonial, the process begins with a cold text-based form. When trialing all the above tools, I received 50% fewer responses after sending a text-based form over a friendly video-based invitation.

I believe it’s a golden opportunity to show a face behind the business and have a prospect connect with you, a real trust-worthy human. 

StoryPrompt ticks all the boxes ✔✔✔

Rant over, how do I really feel? For me, StoryPrompt is the most suitable software for businesses looking to create authentic video testimonials. Good UX, intuitive onboarding, and super quick to get set up. While most of the other platforms listed here rely on text-heavy forms and unnecessary bells and whistles, StoryPrompt make collecting and producing professional looking testimonials simple and straightforward.

The biggest tick of all has to be the brilliant use of AI. As a busy marketer, the time and money it saves me when it comes to video production is worth 10x more than the monthly subscription!

StoryPrompt is usable by any business owner or marketer who doesn't want anything complicated. They just want good video testimonials from their happy customers, and the ability to share authentic, professional videos without faffing around with video editing or needing to hire an expensive videographer. 

Well done StoryPrompt for knowing exactly what business owners really want and respecting our time.

If you'd like to start collecting testimonial videos for free, sign up to StoryPrompt.

Martine Hammar

Chief Storyteller at StoryPrompt

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