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How it works

Collect and showcase a testimonial in 3 steps


Get more video responses than with any other tool

Create engaging step-by-step prompts designed to get clients comfortable on camera. Let our AI-powered teleprompter help them send you the perfect video.

No apps to download

No downloads or logins needed. Simply share a link to receive videos.

Prompts & scripts

Provide guidance for your clients with prompts and script outlines.

Blurred backgrounds

Clients can record videos with blurring effects or virtual backgrounds.
"StoryPrompt makes it super easy for your customers to tell compelling stories about their experiences with your products or services."
Justin Welsh
Course Creator & Business Coach

Get voice or text replies from camera-shy clients

Some clients aren't comfortable on video? No problem. Give them the option to submit written testimonials with their headshot, additional photos, and a star rating. Download and share anywhere in 1-click.

Add a Wall of Love to your website and instantly boost sales

Automatic EDITING

Get dazzling video testimonials on autopilot

Individual videos are automatically stitched together, branded, and edited. We even remove long pauses and ums-and-ahs, making anyone look good on camera!

Remove filler words

Automatically cut out awkward silences or filler words.

Add music & b-roll

Choose a music style and vibe. Embed b-roll for a more engaging production.

Change aspect ratios

Produce videos in square, landscape, or portrait. Beautiful on any platform.
"StoryPrompt makes it so easy for me to go out and capture my client testimonials so they can tell the story of how my business has helped them."
Park Howell
Storytelling Coach & Keynote Speaker

Add testimonials to your website in 1-click

Copy and paste our HTML code to embed testimonials anywhere on your website. No separate hosting platform needed. No developer required.

Ad-free hosting

Host  videos you create or receive on your website. No developer required.

Downloadable files

All videos you create, collect, or produce can be downloaded.

Wall of Love

Turn the good feedback you've received into a powerful sales tool.

Share client stories & accelerate revenue

Collect and produce powerful video testimonials and embed them in emails to demonstrate social proof, increase trust, and boost sales.

Capture stories, build trust & grow faster

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