Scale your coaching business with asynchronous video

Coach more clients face-to-face through asynchronous video conversations, either in groups or one-on-one.
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Unlock the secret to serving more clients in less time

StoryPrompt makes face-to-face work better

Serve more clients and give them the personal attention they deserve without your busy schedule getting in the way.

Give your clients

more face time

with fewer live calls

StoryPrompt helps you build deeper connections with your clients through asynchronous face-to-face video discussions, either in groups or one-on-one.
Asynchronous VIDEO

Help more people without burning out

Scale your coaching business while keeping that personal touch. Serve 10x the clients and grow revenue without having to be on Zoom all day.
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"I've been telling clients about StoryPrompt, and they are all excited! This will help us grow and be more efficient."
Brian Castle
Founder & CEO, Parklife Communications

Sell memberships & give clients always-on access

Instead of trading your time for money, sell clients a membership to always-on access to you and charge for the ongoing value you provide — not the time you've set aside.

StoryPrompt helps you create gated spaces, premium masterminds, and exclusive groups so you can leverage your time and serve more people.
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Attract new clients & grow faster with zero effort

Effortlessly build your brand, grow your business, and inspire others. StoryPrompt makes it easy to collect video testimonials and other success stories from your clients.

We automatically apply your branding for you, so all that's left to do is share on social or embed on your website.
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"Producing decent testimonial videos can be time-consuming and expensive. But with StoryPrompt, it's a breeze!"
Park Howell
Storytelling Coach & Keynote Speaker

A group coaching platform that maintains the personal touch

Do it all with StoryPrompt

Everything you need to deliver a truly delightful coaching experience


Organize thread-based video discussions around specific topics.

Direct Messages (DMs)

Have private asynchronous video conversations with other clients.


Engage with clients by asking for their perspectives on various topics.

Rich Posts

Enrich your video posts with embedded links, interactive buttons, mentions, polls, and pins.


Add moderators, control access & remove unwanted content to keep your clients safe.

Testimonials & UGC

Collect user-generated video content from your clients and 2x the success of your marketing campaigns.

Intake Forms

Create interactive video intake forms to collect leads or onboard clients. Embed on your site or share a link.

Video Production

Pick an AI producer to collate and edit videos you get from clients – ready for your next marketing campaign.


Charge for access to exclusive Spaces. Ideal for gated content, premium masterminds, and more.

Create a coaching space & onboard your clients in just 3 steps

Loved by coaches, adored by their clients

Give your clients a coaching experience like nothing they've every seen.


Moving over from another coaching platform?

Do you want to switch your existing coaching platform over to StoryPrompt? Or, want to run a pilot with a few clients? Let us help you migrate your members for free.

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